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Cooperativism Hall of Fame

Cooperativism Hall of Hame logo. What it is the Hall of Fame of Puerto Rican Cooperatives?

It s the highest and most coveted honor that the cooperative community in Puerto Rico can bestow on men and women whose sacrifices and effort toward the cooperative cause have been genuinely outstanding and serve as an example to others.   These are Persons who contribute in an extraordinary manner to the expansion of the cooperative ideal and its acceptance in Puerto Rico or to the substantial growth of a cooperative in any of the sectors that make up the cooperative movement in Puerto Rico.

The Hall of Fame’s objective is to recognize and preserve for posterity the example set by these persons, be they leaders, volunteers or anyone recruited to carry out some professional functions in an enterprise or cooperative institution who has distinguished themselves by their extraordinary which will or has contributed in an extraordinary fashion to the founding, promotion or development and positive growth of cooperative enterprises in Puerto Rico.

The nominations to the Hall of Fame of Puerto Rican Cooperatives may be submitted by organizations or persons with who are knowledgeable of the contributions of the nominee to the Puerto Rican cooperative movement.  Each nomination must be certified and signed.

Criteria for nomination and selection to the Hall of Fame:

  • Impact and creativity in the development of ideas and strategies to promote acceptance and expansion of the cooperative ideal in Puerto Rico or its substantial advance in any of their manifestations.
  • Constancy and courage to persevere in their allegiance to the cooperative movement through the years.
  • Visible leadership which is recognized by their communities and the cooperative movement in general as evidence of a true and genuine leader in Puerto Rico and/or at the international level.
  • Dynamism and vision to promote substantial and meaningful changes that have created growth or has fortified the cooperative companies or institutions or the cooperative movement.
  • Displayed such durability and permanence that the magnitude of their contribution to the cooperative movement has transcended and endured the test of time.
  • Collaboration in areas such as:  Development, growth, strengthening and creation of cooperatives.
  • Their contribution publishing works related to the Cooperative Movement.

It is required that the nomination form be fully completed and that it be accompanied with at least three (3), but no more than ten (10) dully singed letters of endorsement. The letters must show how the nominee complies with the selection criteria. If more than ten (10) endorsement letters are included or received separate from the nomination form, only the first ten (10) will be accepted.  The nominees of past editions will have to be denominated again for this edition.

The Evaluation Committee will be in charge of selecting up to a maximum of five (5) new members of the Hall of Fame.  The Selection Committee will be named by the Executive President jointly with the President of Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico’s Board of Directors and ratified by two-thirds of the Board of Directors.  It will be composed of six (6) citizens, including a member of the Board of Directors of Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples who will participate with voice but no vote, who in the judgment of those who name him has the ability and judgment to carry out this task with the highest efficiency and correctness. The person elected will receive a written notification on behalf of the Selection Committee.  The decision of the Selection Committee will be final and will have no appeal.

For more information about this program please contact our Information Center-Library at 787-758-8585, extensions 2401 or 2403 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.